Baby Pika Doge

Baby Pika Doge

Baby Pika Doge



BSC: 0xbf00dea8b6f8c840bc0e5bca38def7051009c3c8

Baby Pika Doge was abandoned in Cryptocurrency and raised by a pack of Doge Inus. Although he was born a Chu, Pika only knows the life of a Doge. The project team behind Baby Pika Doge is tired of all the coins being released where most of the benefit is distributed to only a few people. šŸŽ² FAIRLAUNCHED 2 Days ago. šŸ¤‘ Dividend yield paid in BTCP tokens! Simply hold $BabyPikaDoge you will receive BTCP tokens automatically to your wallet. Get rewarded for every transaction and add BTCP tokens to your metamask to see it rolling in! šŸšØ Important Notes šŸšØ No private sale No whitelist No pre-sale Liquidity locked with Unicrypt Marketing by the Community Pikanomics 0% - tax on buys 30% - tax on sales that turns 28% into BTCP tokens as reflection to holders 2% - liquidity pool tax lowering the slippage as time goes on no marketing tax šŸ¤‘ Contract Address: 0xbf00dea8b6f8c840bc0e5bca38def7051009c3c8 šŸ¤‘ Website: https://babypikadoge.com/ šŸ¤‘ Twitter: https://twitter.com/babypikado




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