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Since the world was founded, it has been struggling with a large part of the world's population. hunger and health problems. Most people in the world remain silent in the face of this situation. We will do all the work to develop the needy foundation and the needy project. Worldwide, 9 million people die every year due to hunger and this is a huge number. The number of people who died without water and health is quite high. Every person should be conscious. Be aware of this situation and help needed charities. The Needy Foundation is a conscious It is society that undertakes this task. Our main goal is to eliminate these problems with financing. In a short time, we will carry the project to very good places and establish partnerships. professional organisations. We will come to many beautiful places in a short time. As a needy society, Together we will reach every level we set ourselves a goal. one As the needy, we are struggling with all our might to eliminate this problem.




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